Categories in which refunds are possible:

  1. If your order takes more than 60 working days.
  2. We falsely advertised your product
  3. Your product came damaged
  4. Any other reason we deem appropriate


How can I get a refund on my product?


Firstly, you will need to contact usyou can do this by emailing us at In this email, please state: your order number, your name and address, details of the product (name, sizing and colour ordered) and the reason for return. Please attach a photo of the faulty item to your email. We will then get back to you and notify you of how we can approach this issue.


Specific issues:

Sizing issue:

Should your reason for return be based on a sizing problem. We will need the following details from you:

  1. You will need to attach a photo of the label of your product. Please note that all our listed sizes for all our products are US/European sizing however our factory produces some of our products with Asian sizing labels, therefore on the rare occasion the label on the garment may state a size bigger than you ordered – however, please still take a photo of the label.
  2. You will need to show in a photograph/s, the various measurements as per the SPECIFIC product sizing table which do not correspond with the sizing table given for that specific product. I.e. should you order a medium Assassin’s Freerunner – should you feel that the shoulder, chest, sleeve and/or length measurement are inaccurate, please use a tape measure and take a photograph showing us CLEARLY, of course, including the FULL tape measurement.  We will then be able to see that our sizing table does not match your photograph/product. This is important as it verifies your complaint and lets us find a solution as soon as possible.
  3. Please allow 1 - 3 cm size variance as a result of manual measurement error.


Garment Style and Colour Issue:

Should you have a problem with the color you ordered, please provide us with a photograph showing us:

(1) the color ordered is either completely wrong to that ordered; i.e. you ordered a red variant & received a blue one


(2) If the degree of the same color is far off from that advertised it becomes unreasonable and unrealistic to such an extent you would not have purchased it. Once you have provided this we can go about rectifying the issue for you. If the style of the garment is also not representing that which we advertised please also provide us with a few photographs so we can verify this claim if the product is indeed drastically different from that which we advertised.


Damaged Goods:

Should your product arrive damaged in anyway i.e. broken zip; hole in the garment; unreasonably poor seam; any other relevant factor. Please attach a photograph/s highlighting the damaged area, as well as a separate photograph of the product as a whole. As well as a general explanation of the problem. This will enable us to sort out your issue as swiftly as possible.


Delivery Time Exceeds Stipulated delivery time period:

Should your order exceed the specified 60 working day delivery guarantee, we will gladly offer you a full refund for your product/s which have exceeded this delivery period. Please check out our delivery page for more information with regards to average delivery times and salient information regarding the entire delivery process.


With regards to any other issue which you feel is relevant with regards to the refund process please contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with regards to possible recourse relating to this specific issue.



If any of these issues relate directly to you and you have followed the procedure stipulated above. CafeRacer.Style will then be able to offer you 4 remedies in which we can rectify the issue; they are as follows:

(1) Refund;(2) Reship; (3) Combination of both (1) and (2), in specific instances and (4) Any other method we deem reasonable in the circumstances. We will address every issue on its own merits and whilst in correspondence with you, afford you the best possible solution, in which we feel suits you as the customer. Customer service is of the upmost importance to us here at CafeRacer.Style, and we will work to ensure we manage each situation to the best of our abilities.


With regards to return shipping costs we reserve the right to accept/decline paying for such costs depending on the circumstances of each different situation. 

Please note, for our customers from the U.S.A., PayPal has implemented a system to refund all shipping costs involved with returning the goods to the supplier. For more information please check out PayPal's Refunds Page and follow the steps to register for this service.


As always, any additional queries can kindly be sent to our support gurus over at